125+ SEO Keywords For Artists and Website SEO (2024)

We’re kicking off 2024 with some super valuable content for your business and online presence. 

What Are Keywords? SEO Keywords For Artists

Keywords are topics, ideas, phrases that describe what the content of your site is about. They’re typically thought to be short-tail (1-2 words) or long-tail (3-5 words) phrases that would be typed into the search bar when someone is looking for a specific topic on search engines. Taking the time to research and compile a list of important keywords and keyword phrases should be one of the most important tasks in your SEO strategy. Do this wrong and your website will never be found, sadly…

Artist Keyword Research

But we’re not going to let that happen!

As business owners we want to be seen, increase our website traffic and gain sales. And it’s no secret that one of the best ways to do this is to rank on the first page of Google search results. And this is almost 100% SEO ranking. This takes work, no doubt, but using the right keywords on your website will make that job a lot easier. 

This is one of my favourite topics to write about because it is where you flop or flourish, and today’s post is chock-full of free, valuable website building content!  

The copy and content on your website will have a direct impact on your ability to make sales, get found on google’s search engine results page and expand into a profitable business and brand. If you’re starting your own art business and creating an online art store, you don’t want to miss this post.

Think of SEO like this, the better the SEO on your website the more “searchable” your website is on Google. To optimize your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you need to use keywords in strategically placed areas – meta description, titles, copy, urls, blog posts, etc… so that when google scans your site they know where to place you in search results.

Also known as on-page SEO, it refers to the optimization efforts made directly on the website itself to enhance its search engine rankings. It focuses on elements within the website’s control, such as content, meta tags, HTML code, site structure, and technical aspects. Key on-site SEO factors include keyword optimization, high-quality and relevant content creation, proper use of title tags and meta descriptions, header tags (H1, H2, etc.), URL structure, image optimization, and mobile responsiveness.

SEO and Search Engines

Search engines like Google are constantly crawling your website to determine your website content and it’s relevancy and target audience. Meaning, where and to whom they should show your website in search results. The better your keywords – meaning, the more specific they are to your target customer and descriptive of your artwork as an artist will determine how successful your website is and maximize the best results.

Page Keywords vs. Post Keywords – What’s the difference?

The terms “page keywords” and “post keywords” generally refer to the keywords associated with web pages and blog posts, respectively. Both are essential for search engine optimization (SEO) to help search engines understand the content and rank it appropriately. 

Page Keywords are the keywords or phrases that are relevant to the entire content of a web page while post keywords are associated with individual blog posts or articles on a website. 

I’ll give you an example with my own website. 

My page keywords, located in the main pages of my website are relevant keywords to my whole business, landscape paintings and artist business resources. So I use keywords such as “Original Landscape Paintings For The Home” and “Branding and Website Design For Artists” throughout the various pages of my website. 

My post keywords however, are a little more specific. Take this post for example. As a website designer for artists, I want to use this post and include keywords such as website SEO for artists and Keywords for Artists Online to target specific search inquiries on Google. 

?Before we get into the 125+ keywords for artists, one more thing about keywords so that you’re well-positioned to do your own keyword research as your business grows.

If you want to know what to do TODAY and how to start selling your art online, this free guide will help you do just that! Here are the 9 steps to start your creative business from home. 

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Short-Tail vs. Long-Tail Keywords

?Short-tail and long-tail keywords are terms used in the context of search engine optimization (SEO) and refer to the length and specificity of search queries. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Short-Tail Keywords
  • Also known as “head” keywords.
  • Short, usually one to three words in length.
  • Broad and general terms.
  • Example: “art,” “paintings,” “home decor”.

Short-tail keywords often have high search volumes, but they can be highly competitive, making it challenging to rank for them. They are also less specific, so the intent of the searcher may be less clear.

Long-Tail Keywords
  • Longer and more specific phrases, typically containing three or more words.
  • More focused and detailed, often addressing a specific question or niche.
  • Example: “wall art for small kitchens,” “digital marketing strategies for small businesses” “framed landscape paintings on canvas”.

Long-tail keywords generally have lower search volumes compared to short-tail keywords, but they can be valuable because they often indicate a more specific user intent. They are also often associated with lower competition, making it easier for content to rank well in search results.

As your keyword goes from a short-tail to a long-tail keyword, it gets more specific and less competitive making it easier to rank for these keywords. 

Okay, so now let’s get into some keywords! 

125+ SEO Keywords For Artists For Website SEO

Broken down into various categories, here are my favourite and most effective keywords to place on your website. These are (at the time of me writing this post) low-competition keywords, meaning it’ll be easier to rank for them as there are fewer search results, meaning if someone types them into the search bar your website has a much better chance of being seen. 

Keywords for Wall Art
  • wall art in living room
  • wall art large canvas
  • wall art for bedroom
  • wall art textured
  • wall art prints
  • wall art for dining room
  • wall art for office
  • wall art mid century modern
  • wall art neutral
  • wall art extra large
  • wall art for living room modern
  • wall art for bathroom
  • wall art canvas for living room
  • wall art gold frame
  • wall art set of 3
  • wall art living room ideas
  • wall art ideas for bedroom
  • wall art canvas prints
  • wall art decor for living room
  • wall art ideas for dining room
  • wall art kitchen ideas
  • wall art above couch
  • wall art vintage prints
  • wall art trends 2023
  • wall art decor ideas
  • wall art sets for living room
Keywords for Landscape Painters (Oil or Watercolour)
  • how to paint a landscape painting
  • original landscape paintings
  • buy original landscape paintings
  • original watercolour landscape paintings
  • original landscape abstract painting
  • original landscape framed art
  • landscape original fine art
  • original vintage landscape oil painting
  • on canvas original landscape oil paintings
  • landscape original watercolour paintings
  • original landscape watercolour art
  • original artwork landscape
  • landscape original wall art
  • wall art neutral earth tones
  • framed original landscape paintings
  • buy original landscape paintings
  • original landscape artists
  • beautiful landscape painting original
  • landscape original fine art
  • what defines a landscape painting
  • original oil painting mountain landscape
  • original paintings near me
  • original vintage landscape oil painting
  • small landscape original painting
  • landscape original watercolour paintings
Keywords for Abstract Painters (Oil, Acrylic or Watercolour)
  • modern wall art living room
  • modern wall art ideas
  • modern wall art large
  • modern wall decor living room
  • abstract wall art modern
  • abstract wall art on canvas
  • abstract wall art blue
  • abstract wall art painting
  • abstract art wall murals
  • abstract wall art with frame
  • abstract canvas art large
  • modern wall art for dining room
  • modern wall art black and white
  • abstract canvas painting ideas
  • modern wall decor ideas for living room
  • modern wall art kitchen
  • abstract wall art black
  • abstract wall art bedroom
  • abstract wall art canvas
  • abstract wall art pink
  • modern wall art for bedroom
  • modern wall art for bathroom
  • vertical abstract wall art
  • modern wall art prints
  • abstract framed art prints
  • abstract wall art for kitchen
  • abstract wall art colorful
  • abstract wall decor ideas
  • abstract wall art for office
  • abstract wall art for sale
  • large abstract wall art originals
Keywords for Art Tutorials, Tips, Supplies
  • art supplies
  • painting ideas
  • art supplies store
  • painting fabric
  • painting ideas on canvas
  • painting mountains
  • painting palette
  • painting ideas for beginners
  • painting canvas
  • painting for beginners
  • painting tutorials acrylic
  • art supplies organizer
  • art supplies cheap
  • art supplies professional
  • art supplies at hobby lobby
  • art supplies storage ideas
  • painting tutorials step by step
  • art supplies for beginners
  • painting video tutorials
  • painting tutorials online
  • art supplies watercolor
  • painting tutorials easy
  • painting tutorials for beginners
  • painting tutorials step by step
  • art lessons adults
  • art lessons online
  • painting video tutorials
  • painting tutorials easy
  • painting tutorials flowers
Keywords for Creatives and Artists, General
  • gifts for art lovers
  • mixed media art
  • kids room decor
  • nursery wall art
  • ?professional artist
  • artist bio example
  • artist websites
  • artist commissions
  • artist canvas
  • artist inspiration
  • artist website design
  • artist selling art online
  • artist near me ____ 
  • artist 
  • artist painting sunsets
  • artist painting trees
  • ?artist painting flowers
  • watercolour artist
  • ?abstract artist
  • artist name
  • artists on instagram
  • artists and social media platforms
  • creative process
  • creative mornings
  • creative expressions
  • creative energy
  • creative freedom
  • artist qualifications
  • creative business 
  • creative career
  • Artists Selling on Etsy

I’ll be regularly updating this list to make sure they’re current and relevant when you’re reading this blog post, but I still very much suggest that you go out and do your own keyword research to supplement this list and add very specific keywords to your own work. Use this list as a really strong starting point and complement it with more long-tail keywords that define your artwork for your target customer. If you do this, you’ll have a very strong keyword library that will make your website and content stand out! 

How to Find Keywords

Some of my favourite keyword tools or SEO plugins include:

  • Semrush
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Search Research
  • Pinterest
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner

Good Practice

A final note about keywords that SEO experts will warn you about.. but be careful not to overuse keywords, or “stuff” them into your content. Google can actually penalize your website for this, and it won’t help your ranking. Instead, the better strategy is to focus on using keywords naturally in your content and in important places like your page titles and headings. When your titles, descriptions or blog posts read very robotic and have keywords placed in non-natural copy, Google might flag your site as inauthentic and not show it in search results, so be mindful of where you place your keywords. The best way to do this is to focus on high-quality content and provide useful information for your target market. Write your content, meta titles, image alt tags and product descriptions naturally and then go back in and see where you can optimize your copy with keywords. 

AND…If you’re looking for some help creating a brand, website and personalized keyword research, check out The Customer and Branding Kit where I build you a personalized branding strategy for your website from defining your customer, to a brand design, finding the keywords and building and placing your keywords in the right places. 

The Customer and Branding Kit – Keywords For Artists and Website SEO

You can also read about how to start an art website here and how to balance what you love with what sells and to help you get started if you’re an artist looking to start an online business! So many helpful resources that will without a doubt answer the questions floating around your head. 

If you’re new here, I’m Donata Delano. I am the creative owner and artist behind Donata Delano Art. I started The Good Canvas in an effort to build an art community focused on art, creativity and business. Aside from art related tutorials, tips and information occasionally, I also post recipes, crafts and out adventures living abroad in Mexico.

125+ Keywords For Artists For Website SEO

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As for my business, as some of you know, I run my art studio out of our home. I have a dedicated room where I paint, package and ship all my artwork to you.

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Happy Optimizing!


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