Writing The Perfect Artist Bio And Why It Matters

With Craft Business Bio Writing Prompts To Get You There Faster! 

This is going to be a short but really helpful blog post that is focused on creating a really compelling bio that not only gets read in its entirety, but also leaves a really great lasting impression, generates leads, interest, brand personality, identity, trust AND inspires your visitors to join your mailing list.

What more could you ask for out of one web page, right? 

best email marketing strategy for artists

And when your visitor does all of those things then your website is doing its job, and google will rank your site higher because:

  1. Your site’s bounce rate will decrease
  2. Your site’s click and browse rate will increase (meaning your pages are well linked and easy to navigate)
  3. Your visitor is finding the information they typed into the search bar, making your site relevant and authentic, which means happy things for Google.

It’s a lot though, I know! But a good bio will do all of those things all at the same time and work for you in search results while you’re focusing on your creative passions! 

I also know it’s often really hard to write something catchy and compelling but that also accurately describes what your business is about and attracts your target audience, so I’ve put together this little post to help you do just that!

So, let’s get into the key elements of a really good bio.

a woman shaping a clay

Quickly tells the visitor they’re visiting a business that is operated by a real person. 

Your visitors want to know that they’re visiting the site of a real and honest person, not a giant corporation or conglomerate that barely notices they’re there. Website visitors that love your content are likely to click on your “About Page” to find out who you are and what you’re all about. This makes your About page a very useful asset and it can actually become one of the most visited pages on your website. I know, I was surprised at first as well! 

To do this successfully, the first thing in your bio should be a headshot or photo of you in your workspace. Take the time to curate your photo so that it helps to tell your story. This could be the very first time a visitor is learning about you and your small business, so take a few moments to craft a connection with them. 

Think about where and how to take your photo….

Are you outdoors? 

Are you working on your craft?

Are you smiling, welcoming guests into your space? 

Is your photo fun, elegant, pensive or energetic? It should reflect the style of your work.

Thing about your brand and how your photo fits into your message. 

woman wearing backpack

Clearly finds a relatable aspect between you, your business and your visitor.

The funny thing about a Bio or About Me page is that it doesn’t necessarily focus solely on you. That’s why it might be more aptly labeled just “About.” On your About page, including a few pertinent details about yourself is essential and more importantly how they can relate to you, but beyond that, it’s crucial to emphasize how you can help them. Clearly communicate what they can anticipate from your content and what benefits they can derive from engaging with it. 

To do this, give the visitor something they can relate to as humans. If you’re struggling with writing this bit, consider the following prompts to get your started.

What brought you to starting this business?

Did you live through any major shifts in your life that were challenging?

How does creativity help you through difficult days? 

Were you always destined for this job? Did you change careers?

Were you always really good at what you do now? 

To be clear though, this isn’t an exercise in self-victimization, ‘cuz that isn’t healthy!

What is the greatest thing you’ve learnt so far? How did you learn it?

Rather it’s finding the thing that fuels or changed you to who you are today. We all have them. Little or big moments of difficulty where we have to make a choice, a change and a hard look into how things are going. That’s the thing that makes you who you are. In my case it was a series of health issues and personal loss that drove me to leave my full time job and pursue what I always loved to do and what makes me happy. It’s the thing that makes what I do so important to me. Don’t be afraid to share yours!

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As an entrepreneur, you know exactly what your visitor is looking for. Or at least have a pretty good idea because you’ve done the research and you know what potential customers are coming to your site. With that in mind, a great way to keep them engaged and curious to browse your site more is to provide as much detail and a clickable link with each product or service that you offer. If someone is on your about page it’s because they’re wanting to find out if they would be understood by you and whether your brand relates to their needs. So the perfect place to provide them with an answer is to lead them to the right place. Call-to-action buttons such as “join here”, “follow me over here”, “read this post” or “view latest products” are all examples of excellent ways to keep your visitor engaged and help guide them to the right place. 

How To Write The Perfect Artist Bio

Step One : Writing Prompts 

Here are a few prompts to help those honest and creative juices flowing!   

  • What are the main themes in your work?
  • What are your favourite mediums to work with?
  • What do you do for inspiration?
  • When you’re not in your studio creating, where would we find you?
  • Where do you live?
  • What are some of your upcoming collections?

Step-Two : Relatable Truths

To do this, give the visitor something they can relate to as humans. If you’re struggling with writing this bit, consider the following prompts to get your started.

What brought you to starting this business?

Did you live through any major shifts in your life that were challenging?

How does creativity help you through difficult days? 

Were you always destined for this job? Did you change careers?

Were you always really good at what you do now? 

What is the greatest thing you’ve learnt so far? How did you learn it?

Step-Three : Guide Your Visitor to the Right Thing

Lastly, what are your top three products or services? Anticipate what your potential clients want to find by providing some resources or links to some of your most popular products. This can be written into your bio or separated out into list format and links at the bottom. 

Best Practices and Expert Tips for a Captivating and Professional Bio

  • Use first person.
  • Your first sentence should be welcoming and catchy. Take your time to craft this first sentence like it’s everything! It’s your first impression. 
  • Your second sentence should be a compelling side-note to your first line. 
  • There is no maximum length, but brevity is key. It can be a short bio with as few as 150 words, or a bit longer – most are about 1/2 page to a page in length, broken into sections if need be. 
  • Keep any professional jargon to a minimum, and use everyday conversational language.
  • Provide an opt-in form (inline is preferred) so that your visitor can subscribe easily to your list after reading your now amazing bio! I use flodesk for all my forms and emails, which you can get here!
  • Have a primary bio photo (bright, professional type photo that welcomes your visitor and allows them to see your face). Then, provide a few smaller photos throughout that might include you in your studio, working, out in nature, or whatever it is you want others to know or see. 
  • Provide a website link to relevant pages, products and posts to keep your visitor on your site. Try to anticipate where they might want to go after reading your bio – be it either your online shop, important information or straight to your work. 
  • Any works of art and titles, write in italic font. Links bold and underline. 
  • Provide a way for your visitor to contact you – either an email address or some other contact information to make this process inviting and easy. 
  • Last tip. Provide links to your social media platforms. These are like little badges of verification to help with your brand awareness and trust.

For an example of how to do all of these things and still remain natural and conversational in style, check out my own bio page here. Feel free to follow a similar format! 

If you’re a new business and need some help with writing your bio, feel free to reach out to me here.

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Happy Writing!


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How To Write The Perfect Artist Bio

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