Unleash Your Creative Potential: A Guide For Self-Employed Artists

Unleash Your Creative Potential: A Guide for Self-Employed Artists

Unleash Your Creative Potential: A Guide For Self-Employed Artists

Are you an aspiring artist, or maybe considering becoming a self-employed artist and take your career to a level that is profitable and sustainable? If you have a dream of one day becoming a full-time artist and being your own boss, I’m here to tell you it’s possible. I know because I’ve done it! 

Here at The Good Canvas we believe that an everyday creative life is the best way to channel authenticity and intention. By doing, making, crafting and bringing more beauty to the world we create value and new experiences to others. This endeavour is absolutely worth it and worth the hard work to share it with the world. I want you to start seeing your inner creativity as a powerful tool that is not only necessary but worthy of being a business. It’s the absolute best part, trust me!

You’re in good hands! 
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As a fellow artist, I used to be shy and extremely timid with sharing my work. But I’ve learned with time that these creative endeavors are needed in the world. They’re good and honest and can do great things for the world! In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the strategies, tips, and different techniques that will take you there and how to make the most of your artistic expression, reach your full potential and thrive as a self-employed artist. Hint: It’s much, much more than just your art skills.

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, photographer, or any other type of creative professional, this guide will provide you with a fresh set of eyes into the insights and inspiration you need to succeed in today’s competitive art market. I wrote this post as a valuable resource to help you see things in a new way so the full post is truly worth reading. I promise! We’ll delve into topics such as building a strong personal brand, effectively marketing your artwork, leveraging social media platforms to showcase your talent, and much more. 

With practical advice and actionable steps, you’ll discover how to tap into your unique artistic vision, connect with your target audience, and increase your visibility in the art community. You’ll learn how to overcome creative blocks, find inspiration in unexpected places, and develop a sustainable and fulfilling art career.

Get ready to unlock your full creative potential and embark on an exciting journey towards artistic success. Let’s dive in and discover how you can make your mark in the art world as a self-employed artist.

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1. Develop A Creative Process And Build A Routine. 

While creativity can’t be forced, you can create an environment that fosters inspiration and productivity. Developing a creative routine can help train your brain to get into the creative mindset. Set aside specific times each day or week for your creative practice. This could be early mornings when your mind is fresh, or late evenings when the world is quiet. Experiment with different routines and find what works best for you. For me, I like to paint during daylight and so I’ve created a schedule where there is a window of about 2-3 hours where the lighting is just perfect for me to paint. I use that time almost daily to create and schedule all the other tasks around it. 

In addition to dedicating time, create a physical space that is conducive to your artistic process. Whether it’s a studio, a corner of your home, or a temporary workspace, make sure it is organized, clutter-free, and contains all the tools and materials you need. Surround yourself with objects and artwork that inspire you and reflect your artistic style. For me, scent is a very nostalgic sense, so I like to use essential oils to spark new ideas and get those creative juices flowing. 

crop serious freelancer working on laptop at home desk

2. Embrace Experimentation And Take Risks.

Creativity thrives when you step outside your comfort zone and embrace experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, materials, or subject matters. Take risks and push the boundaries of your art. Sometimes the most unexpected and exciting results come from taking chances. We often talk about our journey of self-discovery through art and so if you feel compelled allow yourself to explore.

?In addition to your creative experimentation, the same goes for your business tasks. It’s very unlikely that how you start your business will not change as you grow and learn. The ability to learn, adapt and test is extremely important to hone if you want to develop a successful business. 

3. Take It Like It’s A Real Job, Because It Is. 

I made this mistake. And you’re probably going to make this mistake as well. Subtlety won’t serve you. If you make the decision to become a full-time artist, organize your day (or whatever time you have to dedicate to it) as though it’s already your full-time job and each task is important, productive and helps you grow your business. Figure out the tasks in your particular business plan that are essential and prioritize those first. 

Its incredibly easy to get carried away making your logo super pretty but it’s not going to be the thing that makes or breaks your business. Be mindful of the tasks that just suck time and minimize those whenever you can. Successful business owners spend 90% of their time focusing on tasks that have a direct impact on the success of their business and they know when they’re spinning their wheels, can pivot quickly and offload tasks that don’t serve them. 

4. Know That With Each Task, You’re Inching Forward. 

With every connection you make, every post you publish, every new income stream you develop, you’ll inch forward. It’s a slow but steady marathon so treat each small accomplishment as part of the bigger plan. Visual artists never stop learning and the endless possibilities, while sometimes overwhelming, are what keep that creative spark alive. 

For me, I’m willing to put in the time to get to where I want to be, and that’s definitely what you have to do if you want to make your art business work!

?Unleash Your Creative Potential: A Guide for Self-Employed Artists

5. Use A Fresh Perspective And Value Insights As A Self-Employed Artists.

One of the most important things on your creative journey, one that will make a lasting impact on your business is your ability to ask the right questions, listen to the answer and adapt to new perspectives. I love talking with my entrepreneurial friends about business because we are able to give each other our unique opinion, and suggest different ways or innovative ways to solve problems. I’m not kidding you, I just got off a call with one of my best friends about compartmentalizing some things in my business because they were noticing some things nobody else was telling me. If I didn’t ask, I’m not sure I would have been able to see it myself. 

Make it part of your routine to discuss your business with other people and keep an open mind to their observations and experiences. 

6. Balance What You Love With What sells. 

Take a moment and think about the things that are the most important to you – What about your art is something you’d never want to relinquish? That’s your fundamental pursuit. Now, if you take that and place it in the middle of a blank page, everything else is up for change or improvement. What I mean by that is all the other things can be shaped to improve your business. 

Here’s an example.

You absolutely love lettering. It’s what makes you the happiest and fuels your creativity. At the time, you’re trying to sell greeting cards (because you just love greeting cards) with hand lettered messages on them. They’re doing ok but they’re not blowing anyone away. You’re wondering if maybe you’re not good enough an artist or there’s too many others already lettering online? So you consider quitting. Instead, consider this. Would you be willing to pivot and adapt your business by exploring other products while still continuing lettering? Maintain your fundamental but let everything else go. Let go of the customer you think you have or the product you want to or think you should sell and think critically. Research the market, find a problem (or pain point) and try to solve it with your business. If you’re open to finding this balance, it will happen naturally in your business as you pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. 

7. Balance Creativity And Business Aspects As A Self-Employed Artist.

As a self-employed artist, it’s important to balance your creative pursuits with the business aspects of your art career. While creativity is at the core of your work, you also need to consider marketing, sales, and financial management.

Develop a marketing strategy to promote your work effectively. Utilize social media platforms, email newsletters, and collaborations with influencers to reach a wider audience. Price your artwork appropriately and consider different revenue streams such as prints, merchandise, or commissions. Keep track of your income and expenses, and consider seeking professional advice when it comes to taxes and financial planning.

8. Unleash Your Creativity And Build A Strong Online Presence And Showcase Your Work.

Unless you’ve been living on another planet, having a strong online presence is no surprise to you. It’s essential for self-employed artists to understand and pick the platforms that are helpful for you and your artwork. You don’t need to be on all the platforms though. Your online presence serves as your virtual gallery and allows you to showcase your work to a global audience. Building a strong personal brand is key to standing out in the crowded art market, building brand trust, a narrative and a way for others to connect with you over these things. 

So, take the time to create a visually appealing website or portfolio that showcases your best work. Use high-quality images and provide detailed descriptions for each piece. Consider adding an artist statement to give viewers insight into your creative process and inspirations. Regularly update your online portfolio with new pieces to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Here at The Good Canvas we specialize in creating elevated and intentional websites for artists and creatives looking to grow their online business, so feel free to reach out and book a 30 min free strategy call to see how we can help you! 

If you’re looking for some help building an elegant and intentional website for your small business, well that’s our jam! Head over to our services to take a look at hour our team can help!

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Also, for the ultimate guide with actionable tips, personal development and valuable tools to get you on your way to starting your business from home, be sure to download our FREE GUIDE! It’ll get the ideas flowing and teach you where to start today, with practical tools for how to maximize your creative expression and how to make the most of the time you have. It’s a wonderful resource and it’ll make you a better artist! 

You’re in good hands! 
This free guide will walk you through the first 9 things you can do TODAY to get started on your business from home!
Sign up below and you’ll also receive exclusive content, updates and discounts on special collaborations. You’ll receive tips and tutorials to create and curate beautiful art, how to start your own business and much more! 
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As always, thanks for reading!

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