The Pinterest SEO for Creatives Guide


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Pinterest SEO is the process of optimizing your Pinterest profile, boards and pins so that your content gets found on the platform. While most people associate SEO with Google, Pinterest has it’s own SEO opportunities to help you get your content in front of the people that are searching for it. For Pinterest, this means optimizing your profile, titles, descriptions, tags and pins to make them easily interpreted and indexed on the platform. 

It goes without saying that Pinterest is like a visual search engine. It’s power comes from the fact that the more visually appealing your content, the more likely it’ll get traffic.As creatives, we’re already incredibly successful as expressing ideas and emotions visually through our art and so using Pinterest in the same way is aligned with our strengths. By creating visually appealing, clear and effective pins we can bring traffic to our site. Combine that with some simple SEO strategies such as titles, descriptions and tags and we’ve got a compelling strategy for selling our art.

This guidebook will walk you through every step of optimizing your Pinterest Profile for SEO, so that your art and content gets discovered on the platform and generates clicks! We cover understanding Pinterest, Pinterest for Artists, SEO for Pinterest, Creating Pins, Publishing Pins and Scheduling Pins. We’re also going to look at all the ways you can optimize your profile and pins for search engine optimization and take your business to the next level.


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