Gift Ideas for Artsy Friends

Finding the Perfect Gift for Creative Souls

With summer just around the corner and parties, events and all that fun stuff ramping up, we thought we would write a little blog post summarizing some really great gift ideas for our artsy friends. Giving art is always a great idea but sometimes, something a little more hands on, personalized or even instructional is more fun. But finding that perfect gift for artsy friends can sometimes be a bit challenging because we’re a picky bunch! Creative people often have unique tastes and interests, and so finding something that truly resonates with their artistic spirit isn’t easy. Don’t fret though, there are plenty of great gift ideas to explore. Without further ado, here’s a curated list of the best gifts for art lovers that will inspire, delight, and truly support their creative process.

1. Art Supplies: The Essentials

Every artist appreciates high-quality art supplies, whether we can afford them or not! Consider putting together a small set that includes a drawing pad and some watercolour paints, and a special colour palette.We just love these from Sugarhouse Co. These items are the building blocks of many works of art and will be a great addition to any artist’s collection. And that handmade colour palette is something they will cherish and use for years and years to come. If you want to add to this gift, a few other options could include: 

  • Canvas Pencil Roll: This is a practical and stylish way for artists to carry their pencils and brushes. A canvas pencil roll can be easily rolled up and transported, making it a useful gift for on-the-go creativity. We love this one! 
  • Brush Rest: An often overlooked tool, a brush rest can keep their workspace tidy and their brushes in good condition. Here’s a great one!

2. Creative Tech Tools: Beyond the Basics

For something a little bit more advanced (and expensive!), consider tools that will elevate their creative process.

  • 3D Printer: A 3D printer is a fantastic tool for artists looking to explore new dimensions in their work. It’s a unique gift that can open up a world of possibilities for creating sculptures, prototypes, and other three-dimensional art forms.
  • Printing Pen: A printing pen allows artists to draw in three dimensions, creating intricate sculptures and designs with ease. It’s a great gift for young artists and seasoned creators alike.
  • iPad Pro: An iPad Pro, paired with an Apple Pencil, can be a powerful tool for digital illustration, painting, and design. It’s perfect for artists who enjoy working on the go and want to take their creative outlet to a digital platform.
  • Online Courses: Gift an online course in a new art medium or software. If you’re curious about our painting courses online, reach out here! We offer individual online classes in watercolour and oil painting. 

3. Inspiring Reads: Coffee Table Books and More

Books can be a great source of inspiration and knowledge for creative people.

4. Unique and Fun Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts are those that bring a little joy and fun into the creative process.

  • Temporary Tattoos: Fun and artistic temporary tattoos can be a creative way for artists to express themselves without the permanence of real tattoos.
  • Wooden Dice for Creativity: Wooden dice with different artistic prompts on each side can be a fun way to spark creativity. Roll the dice to get a unique prompt and start creating.
  • Unique Candle: Candles shaped like famous works of art or with scents that evoke an artistic environment can be a special gift to set the mood in their creative space. We love quietnorth candles!

5. Functional Yet Artistic Gifts

Gifts that blend functionality with artistic flair can be a hit among artsy friends.

  • Water Bottles with Artistic Designs: Stay hydrated with style. Water bottles featuring beautiful designs or the works of artists like Frida Kahlo make for a useful gift that also celebrates art.
  • LED Light for Artwork: A specialized LED light can help illuminate their works of art, making it easier to work on detailed projects and display their finished pieces beautifully.
  • Art Supply Organizers: Keeping art supplies organized can be a challenge, so a high-quality organizer can be a lifesaver for many artists. We have a blog post on our favourite studio organizer gifts and tools here! 

6. Experiential Gifts

Sometimes the best gift is an experience that can enrich an artist’s life and work.

  • Pottery Classes: Pottery classes can be a fun gift for those who love working with their hands and creating three-dimensional art.
  • Art Museum Memberships: A membership to a local art museum, such as the ones found in New York, can provide endless inspiration and a great way to spend their time.

7. Home and Studio Enhancements

Enhancing their creative space can make a big difference in their artistic productivity and enjoyment.

  • Diffuser and Some Essential Oils: For those who find inspiration in smell (it’s a thing!), setting up your creative space with some essential oils is a great way to get into the creative mindset. Smell is one of the strongest memory trigger sensors and if you use the same oil for example in your studio, whenever you smell it, your brain will go into creative mode! 
  • Picture Frames: High-quality picture frames for their finished works of art can be a thoughtful gift. Choose different sizes and styles to match their artistic aesthetic, or go vintage! 

8. Custom and Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts show thoughtfulness and consideration, making them perfect for special occasions.

  • Custom Art Supplies: Personalized sketchbooks, engraved pens, or custom colour palettes can add a special touch to their everyday tools. One of my best friends took a ceramics class and made one for me that I still use to this day, it’s my absolute favourite! Thank you Kathryn! 
  • Handwritten Notes and Cards: A handwritten note or a funny card with a personal message can accompany your gift, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness. Etsy is a great place to find artists who can customize some stationery for you. 

9. Subscription Services

Subscriptions can provide ongoing inspiration and supplies, making them great for long-term enjoyment.

  • Art Supply Subscription Boxes: Services like ArtSnacks deliver new art supplies each month, giving artists the chance to try new materials and techniques regularly.
  • Creative Magazine Subscriptions: Subscriptions to magazines like In Her Studio or other art and design publications can provide a steady stream of inspiration.

10. Gifts That Celebrate Their Art – A Little Goes A Long Way! 

Sometimes the best way to honor an artist is to celebrate their work directly.

  • Custom Printing of Their Art: Have one of their works of art printed on a canvas, a t-shirt, or even a phone case. It’s a wonderful way to show that you value their creativity. We can help with that, so feel free to reach out! 
  • Social Media Shoutouts: If your artist friend shares their work online, a thoughtful gift can be a shoutout or promotion of their art on your social media channels, helping them gain more visibility and appreciation.
free wall art mockups

11. Great Additions to Their Routine

Gifts that fit seamlessly into an artist’s daily routine can be both practical and inspiring.

Finding the perfect gift for your artsy friends involves understanding their creative process and what might inspire them or make their artistic journey a little easier. From high-quality art supplies to unique and fun gifts, there are endless possibilities to explore. Whether you opt for a practical tool, a source of inspiration, or a way to celebrate their work, these gift ideas are sure to delight any creative soul. Remember, the best gifts are those that come from the heart and show a true appreciation for the recipient’s passion and talent.

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