How Art Coaching Can Transform Your Business And Why I Started The Good Canvas

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How Art Coaching Can Transform Your Business And Why I Started The Good Canvas

A little anecdote. About two years, I was well into my painting journey. I felt confident in my craft, my artistic practice and my audience was growing at a nice rate. I was laser focused on creating the very best paintings I knew how. And I put all my energy into my artistic abilities and selling work. I joined artistic challenges, admired fellow artists, explored new techniques and really enjoyed everything about the art-making process, including selling art. I spent about 90% of my energy on painting and putting those paintings online in order to sell. The other 10% I spent organizing, budgeting and tracking what came in and left my business. I thought that was all that was needed. What I didn’t know was that I was missing out on a really important components of the creative business – and that was a proper marketing strategy and an optimized website. 

Why? Social media can only do so much… if you’re not on each platform just about all the time, it doesn’t serve you. And your success on those platforms is directly related to how much time you spend on them. The opposite is true for a properly optimized website and marketing strategy. And that’s not to say that you can just build your site and forget about it but instead, a correctly built website will work for you while you’re doing what you love the most – your craft. And you’ll spend little time wondering what works, what doesn’t and what to focus on. 

And as far as a marketing strategy goes, well that depends on how organized you are. It’s all about creating multiple variations of your content (be it a blog post, a new painting or a new collection) and using that content in various ways to reach your target art market. 

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Why I Started The Good Canvas – My Artist’s Journey 

After years of relentlessly posting and linking my artwork from my socials to my website (which was fairly basic at the time), I grew tired of relying so heavily on my social media to sustain my business. Why was I at the mercy of an elusive algorithm to grow my business? That makes no sense, if you think about it. And it’s incredibly frustrating! I’m not anti-social media though. I love how I’ve connected with so many incredible artists and collectors over the years via Instagram. And that’s what I continue to love and use the platform for. It’s a way to tell my story and allow others to get to know me. But it’s not my primary source of income in my business. My website and my email list is. We’ll talk about those in a minute! 

As I began to study and find better and more powerful tools for my art business, I started to share that content with my followers; many of which are artists themselves. The more I learned, the more I became fascinated with building a properly functioning and optimized website. And how that website played a crucial role in growing my mailing list. I learned about different techniques to engage and grow a mailing list from your website and what goes into driving organic traffic. Last year I decided it was time to design a new site using everything that I had learned and offering it to others. So I created The Good Canvas. And within two months, I had reached 10K visitors to my site per month. And these are organic visitors, meaning clicks to my site from google search results by people looking for something on my site – be it art, a guide or a blog post. 

And now, I’m sharing all of that with you. I always wanted to find a way to help others and this natural shift in my business allowed me to do that. Each blog post, each guide and each coaching call is completely centred around helping new artists reach their potential as creatives with online businesses. I want to make a profound impact on how creatives think about their business and how they delegate their time between artistic expression and the business side of things. 

donata delano artist

Are You Ready For Artistic Growth?

Are you a creative looking to take your business skills to the next level? 

Art coaching with The Good Canvas is not just about receiving technical guidance; it goes beyond that. It is a personalized and tailored approach to your artistic development and business journey, providing you with valuable feedback, support, and guidance every step of the way. As your art coach, my goal is to provide you with invaluable resources to help you unleash your creative potential, overcome artistic hurdles, and truly understand how to build a profitable and fulfilling business. It’s me sharing everything I’ve learned so that you can have the same financial independence and flexibility that I do. It’s about building the creative life you’ve always dreamed of. 

How Art and Business Coaching Works 

Through one-on-one sessions, critiques, and practical exercises, you will refine your understanding of how to market your artwork and create a powerful online presence aligned with your aesthetic and brand. With a technical background in architecture and design, I have a very detailed approach to visual communication and that combined with complete SEO will elevate your brand to new heights as your work starts to get noticed and others begin to connect with it. Most of us are really good at visual expression but sometimes we lack the technical skills needed to take that emotional vision and package it into a narrative or brand that others want to be a part of. That’s what makes my approach unique. I teach you how to do both. 

Here Is What Art Coaching At The Good Canvas Looks Like

First step, we’re going to start by looking at your artistic goals – what are your ambitions for your business? Your why. 

In other words, if you were as successful as you can possibly imagine, what would that look like? How would your life be different? What would make it worth it?

Then, we’ll take a look at your unique style, your creative expression and your analytics. What does well and what doesn’t? What are you willing to let go of in order to become more successful? What are your non-negotiables? This is the art of balancing what you love with what sells. 

From there, we’ll take a look at your customer, your target audience and whether those two are the same. Maybe they’re not. Using all the information we have on your business so far, we’ll determine how to brand your business so that you’re attracting the right customer for your work. That’s really important. 

We will then use that information to design a website that works for you – drives organic traffic, converts, helps you build your mailing list and is really the most valuable resource in your business. Through regular coaching sessions, we’ll work together to make sure it’s aligned to your creative journey and is an art website that everyone loves, including you! It will be optimized for SEO and a true reflection of you as an artist. We’ll also explore different perspectives and tools on your website to help reaffirm your brand. Supplementing artwork with additional pages on your website to help enrich your site are critical to your website’s success. 

We will also take a look at your marketing strategy. If you don’t have one, we’ll design one – that includes social media but also using search engines like Pinterest to bring traffic to your website so that you’re not relying on platforms that you don’t own. I’ll show you how to create content that can be used across all of your platforms, optimizing your workflow so you have more time to do what you love. We focus on platforms that are designed to direct traffic to your site not away from it. We’ll also take a look at email marketing, and set up a email newsletter so that you can begin building your email list. A secret weapon for any entrepreneur, your mailing list a powerful tool to help you make sales and generate engagement. 

The Value Of Art Coaching On Your Artistic Journey

What you’ll have after working with me will be a real sense of your complete business, which also means full control of it’s potential and achievable goals. You’ll walk away with a fully designed and optimized website that will grow with you. You’ll also have a well designed and sustainable workflow strategy so that you’re balanced in your tasks and don’t feel overwhelmed or neglect anything. You’ll have full access to me via email and weekly zoom calls to develop each component together and as your personal coach, we will work together closely so that you understanding the entire process. It’s really quite an incredible feeling when you gain full control over your business and can confidently decide how and when to make money, how much and know what elements to focus on to reach a desired outcome. That’s what I’m most passionate about – giving you that creative control.

How To Get Started – Next Steps 

To learn more about you (and you about me), you can book a free 30 min discovery call below. We’ll go over your artistic vision, your current obstacles and state of your business and where you can start to make small improvements immediately. These calls are absolutely no-commitment chats and I continue to offer them because I love connecting with others. If what we discuss resonates with you and you want to learn more, we can discuss how to do that for your unique objectives. Being an entrepreneur is one of the most fulfilling careers as it offers you so much flexibility and decision power over your life. I would just love that for everyone so I encourage you to book a call and see how to make this happen! 


Alternatively, if you’re ready to get started head to The Creative Business Framework and get yourself on the waitlist! After joining the list, you’ll receive an email notification to schedule your first on-boarding call. 

I hope to hear from you soon,

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