My Mexico Blog Post – A Family Abroad

My Mexico Blog Post – A Family Abroad

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It’s been a little over two years since we packed up all our stuff and moved our family from Burlington, Ontario to Queretaro, Mexico. Here’s a bit about our story and why we made the move and what living abroad in Mexico is like!

The decision to move abroad

This isn’t a mexico travel blo but I wanted to share a little about our decision to move to Mexico because it’s a big part of our family and also how I run my business abroad. Here is how we decided to rent out our house, pack all our things in 10 suitcases and move abroad. This is also the story of the start of my business full time as up to this point, it was a side-hustle that I worked on after my office job. 

It was late January 2021 in Ontario, we were in another lockdown fearful of everything; a virus we knew very little about, the future of our health, our children’s education and social development, our families and the unknown. It was a time and a feeling I will never forget. I had lost my father very suddenly a year earlier and I was still grappling with grief and confusion. With anxiety and an auto-immune condition that was running havoc to my body, I was anything but able to move. It was another freezing day after a winter that had worn us down, it was a day we were scared to enjoy. We were still in Toronto at the time, living in a very small home that felt that much smaller in the weeks leading up to our decision. My husband turned to me as we sat in our living room that was equally light filled as it was compressing and asked me if we need to move. Move where? Move what? Our bodies? Our home? Our family? I craved it all. But I just sat there, silent for a while because I had been so used to being still over the last year. 

Suddenly, and out of a desire to force myself out of whatever we were all feeling my only response was, “Yes”.

Then he said, “I meant to Mexico”. But I already knew what he meant. We had discussed this a few times in the past, both before and after having kids. Many years earlier, my husband (then boyfriend) was offered an incredible job to Mexico City and wanted us to move together and live through an adventure together. I was terrified and absolutely not ready. The idea of leaving my family and making a decision for myself was something I had struggled with for so many years. But between then and this day in January, everything we had lost, feared and lived through were the exact reasons why I said yes. 

Out of fear and devastating loss came such power and determination. In this day, I went from someone who struggled to take risks and never put myself first to doing something that I deeply wanted and needed. Once I clearly knew what I wanted, we thought about all the benefits for the family: My husband being Mexican, the biggest motivation to move was being close to family we barely saw, then came the cultural immersion for our girls, the weather, the food, the cost of living, the ability to be outdoors all the time, travel and tackling the unknown.

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My Mexico Blog Post – A Family Abroad

What things do you need to do before moving abroad?

With the decision to live in Mexico for one to two years, we first decided to sell our home in Toronto and purchase a home in Burlington, Ontario, a beautiful suburb of Toronto where I grew up. We wanted this home to be the one we return to – our forever family home. In the move from Toronto to Burlington, we packed two piles: the Mexico pile and the pile we would return to after our year in Mexico. Six months later, we were handing home to Airbnb Guests and heading to the airport with 10 suitcases.

We had already enrolled the girls in school in Mexico. With my husband’s Mexican citizenship, me and the girls entered as family members of a Mexican citizen and would be able to get passports for the girls and a permanent residency for me if we wanted it. We had a temporary home waiting for us, and family waiting to embrace us. My mom and sister came along and would stay for a few months and help us settle in. My husband’s job was remote, but living in Mexico made his new role in Latin America easier. I quit my job as an architect, and began to work on my business full time. I also dove into settling our family into this new chapter.

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My Mexico Blog Post – A Family Abroad

Queretaro, Mexico

We moved to a city called Queretaro, about 2.5 hours north west of Mexico City. The city has a lot of American expats and digital nomads, and it’s been growing for a long time so there are lots of amenities, activties, shopping, recreational clubs, restaurants and schools. Queretaro is considered one of the major cities in Mexico but has a low cost of living when compared to Mexico City. It’s also regarded to be one of the best places in Mexico to raise a family. There are also direct flights to Queretaro from many major cities in the US and is a great option for someone who wants to living abroad in Mexico but still have acess to a lot of what feels familiar. In recent years, Queretaro has quadrupled in size and population, with a lot of new residential developments sprouting up everywhere. You’ll also find english speakers are everywhere and lots of expats. There are no beautiful beaches close by, but you can get to Puerto vallarta, Playa del carmen, Huatulco, Cabo San Lucas, or Riviera Maya really easily! 

First thing first, in the first week we bought a used car and rented a house that we had waiting for us and began to settle in. I’d say it was a very good idea to have some housing lined up because it can be a little tricky to find a rental and get a contract written up. As for the girls, they go to an english school, where their classes are all in English – they have friends from all over the world with many expats from the united states. They’ve been immersed in Spanish and are both completely fluent and it’s been a joy watching them find their place and enjoy living here. 

This was a little over two years ago. How would I summarize these two years? Well, it started with thrill. Also a sense of novelty. Everything was new, exciting and somewhat surreal at the beginning. I was very much still planted back home so I enjoyed everything at the beginning as a tourist, really. As months past, life normalized a little. The day to day becomes familiar and routine, but with this came a sense of ease. We felt many things to be much easier here. We spend all our time exploring and learning, trying to take as much in as possible. Today, our life is a balance and sometimes misbalance of after-school activities, work, travel and life.

Mexico City
My Mexico Blog Post – A Family Abroad

What’s it like living abroad in Mexico?

We’re about 2.5 hours from Mexico City and 30 minutes from San Miguel de Allende. We travel to both often as we have family in Mexico City and absolutely love spending time there and then the small and charming pueblo-magico of San Miguel de Allende is perfect for day trips. Where we live in Queretaro, a lot is familiar for Expats coming from Canada and the US. We have friends from all over the world as there are a lot of industries in Queretaro that draw families from Europe and Asia. This mix of Mexican culture and our global community feels very Canadian to us!

If I had to summarize living in Mexico in a few words I would choose- contrast, warmth and slow. That’s not to say it’s easy or better than back home. But it’s different. I really enjoy living here for so many reasons – the beautiful lands, the weather, the food, the people and the quality of life. Sometimes, it feels easier to enjoy things and sometimes, it’s too easy. What I mean by that is sometimes there is a cost associated with it, whether it’s at the expense of something or someone else. There are beautiful things next to ugly things and when you stop to pay attention to this, your curiosity will lead to discovery and fascination. Things move slowly which is a challenge I’ve found both personally challenging and rewarding. Life isn’t easy for many people who live here, and I think that inequality leads to frustration for many. There are days I yearn for home – the mentality, the equality, the acceptance and space for everyone. Some things function better back home. 

As of today, we’re happy as a family here and our children have learned so much about life in other parts of the world. We have access to great food (who doesn’t love Mexican food?), a lower cost of living making it easier to do certain things and incredible weather. We have access to things we’d never have back home. But no place is perfect and there is a lot that we struggle with as well – cultural differences, extra cost of schooling, lack of public transport or walking within the city, good internet, security, and predictability of certain things that you just want to be able to predict, like road closures, rescheduled events and punctuality. Like anyone living abroad in any country, I believe the growth happens when you stop trying to recreate home somewhere and accept places for what they have and don’t have. I try to catch myself when I complain or feel frustrated by something here that doesn’t exist back home because it’s futile. It’s pointless to compare. I’m proud of what we’ve done and for now, we’re enjoying our time here. Our ability to have these two beautiful lives fills us with gratitude and I’m happy to share our experience with you all!

?Moving Back to Canada

Canada is my home country. My husband was born and raised in Mexico but we met in Toronto when we were both in University. For him it’s a little harder to define but we do plan to move back home to Canada this year but we’re looking at the West Coast (particularly Vancouver Island) as the place we want to settle down in. It’s one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen and it aligns with our lifestyles better than Ontario does. I also have my mom and sister here and want to be close to them. I think the best thing about Vancouver Island is the nature, weather and beauty just about everywhere. It would be a wonderful thing to live there. I’ll be sharing a post in the coming month or so about our travels through Vancouver Island, the right place and some life updates! We’re currently studying real estate a little bit along with what our day to day would like like there. 

Mexico City
My Mexico Blog Post – A Family Abroad

The Parts of Mexico That I Will Always Miss

As we are starting to plan our return back to Canada, there are already things I feel nostalgic about. Firstly, my husband’s family. It’s been an absolute pleasure spending time and vacations with them much more than we’ve ever been able to do. Our girls know they always have a clan here and that’s really special! Some of the other things that I think are wonderful in Mexico are domestic travel and places to visit, the food, cultural events, small towns (pueblo magicos), how friendly people are, how you’re always outdoors, access to healthcare services and the depth of culture and history.

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