The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024

One of the most powerful tools you have as an artist when creating your website are the fonts and colours you choose. Second to your art, of course! Typography is one of the most important elements of website design and choosing the right fonts to further define your business can really drive your brand home. The fonts you choose can do two things; elevate your brand and enhance the overall user experience of your website. So we’ve gone ahead and selected the best free google fonts that we love that are both great for creatives but also don’t negatively impact the readability of your website. 

Web design is equal parts design as it is user experience. You really need both. You could have the most beautiful website in the world but if it’s fonts are hard to read and hard to follow, it won’t help you or anyone else. And so while there are many free fonts that are gorgeous, when you put them together on a page with various text sizes, density and placement sometimes that perfect font visually just doesn’t cut it. 

How do fonts impact the success of your website? 

Fonts impact website readability. 

Not all fonts are crafted considering web accessibility. Size, colour, and contrast all dictate the accessibility of a typeface. Not all of us see our screen with perfect clarity. For the visually impaired, there are things you should and shouldn’t do in order to give everyone the same opportunity to consume your website content. Embracing the principles of inclusive design necessitates selecting a typeface that is straightforward, devoid of embellishments, and easily legible. 

Choosing a font that is easy to read and appropriate for your own business is not an easy task though. How do you know which ones are “readable”? We’ve compiled a list for your further down, so don’t worry! 

Using a script for blocks of text makes it difficult for readers to consume the content on your website. If you do choose to choose a font that might be a little harder to read, make sure it’s in a place that is secondary or tertiary to the primary content and wouldn’t discourage or prevent someone who uses a screen reader to understand the majority or the most important elements of your website. 

Fonts can elevate your brand and website aesthetics.

Whatever message you’re trying to send to the world, your font is the vehicle in which you can send it. Elegant brand = elegant font. Fun, vibrant brand = bold, exciting font. This probably isn’t news to you, but choosing the font that conveys that message without being confusing or opposing to your aesthetics is a bit trickier. More on that later!

Fonts and Website Conversion.

Believe it or not, the fonts you choose can dictate how well your site converts (makes a sale). 

But how? 

Think of the narrative you tell through your website. What information introduces your brand? Then, what content tells your story, connects with your audience and gives important, relevant information? Lastly, your call-to-action areas, those that you want someone to click on and engage with, how are those being communicated? The effectiveness of your narrative or flow and what fonts you choose to lead a visitor from start to finish (ideally, a sale!) will largely depend on which fonts you choose where. 

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Google Fonts and Making Smart Decisions

There are thousands of fonts available across the web, many cost lots of money and then there are licensing considerations. 

That’s one of the reasons we always come back to Google fonts. But if you’ve ever been on google fonts you know it’s like a good/bad rabbit hole in many ways. So many options and it’s easy to get carried away with the most popular google fonts, the prettiest and most eye catching ones. But good graphic design and user interface need to be the priority. And that’s why choosing fonts can be an overwhelming task. 

Why use Google fonts?

To summarize, Google fonts are:

  • Free. Yay! So you can trial and error as much as you want. 
  • Readily available in popular apps like WordPress, Showit, Kadence, and Canva (three of our favourite!). This makes them that much easier to use when working in your favorite platforms.
  • Easy-to-download and use. Essential 2 clicks to install. 
  • Can increase website speed page load times (when compared to many other font options).
  • Available for commercial use.
  • Easy to modify.
  • High quality.

How to Choose A Font

When selecting a Google font for your website, it’s crucial to know your endgame or its intended usage: Where are you going to use this font? Is it for emphasis? Large amounts of text like a blog post or about page? How does it contribute to or detract from your brand identity?

Keep these three things in mind: readability, conversion, and brand.

Top 3 Tips For Selecting The Best Fonts For Your Website – Best Practices For Choosing The Right Font

Do not use more than 3 types of fonts on your website. 

Using too many fonts creates a disjointed look, diminishes your brand, and ultimately can leave a visitor disoriented. Stick with 2-3, max! That includes various types within the same font families, ie. bold and italic. That counts as two, friends. 

Use script fonts sparingly and in tertiary areas.

 Script fonts can provide an elevated look to a design, but keep in mind that they are harder to read and many screen readers won’t be able to read them. Feel free to use them as accents and never for important copy or content. 

Think function over form, always.

We all want pretty websites but tt doesn’t matter what font you choose if it’s so small or light in tone on your website that people need to strain to read it. They’ll leave, I promise you. And I know this problem all too well because I used to struggle a lot with subtle and soft design, and like things smaller sizes and delicate use of fonts. But that effects readability which will affect your conversion rate. So be sure that in addition to intentionally choosing the best Google font for your website, you also pay attention to font size and colour so that the font on your website is readable.

Best Free Google Fonts for your Website in 2024

Here are a few of our absolute favourite best free web fonts and pairings that we’re loving for website designs in 2024:

Playfair Display and Albert Sans

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 1

Starting with our favourite font pairing, Playfair Display and Albert Sans make for a beautiful combination of different serif and sans styles. Playfair Display is a pretty popular font – but for a good reason. It’s bold yet classic and it looks great when used for headlines. I love using both the normal version as well as the italic version. Not suggested for large blocks unless the font is pretty large, so I’d avoid using it for body copy. Albert Sans an all around easy to read, clean font that pairs well with many fonts so we especially love it because of its versatility. 

Cormorant Garamond and Montserrat

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 2

With it’s classic serifs, Cormorant is beautiful at just about any size and use. It comes in a variety of styles (italic, bold, etc) and it looks great on a website. Paired with Montserrat, these two make for a lovely combination. Montserrat was created by an Argentine designer and it’s inspired by all the beautiful signage and designed elements of the first half of the twentieth century, seen in the historic Montserrat neighbourhood of Buenos Aires (Wikipedia). We love it for it’s classic options and how great it looks when you space the letters a little further apart. 

Fira Sans and Raleway

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 3

Fira Sans is this lovely, subtlety interesting font that has dainty little serifs. A Sans font, it has occasional ornamentation that make it a great blend of both. Paired with Raleway, you can use these two fonts just about anywhere on your website. We also love raleway light in this combination. 

Lora and Poppins Light Italic

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 4

Lora is a well-balanced contemporary serif with it’s roots in calligraphy. It is a text font with moderate contrast well suited for body text but it also looks really good as a heading font. It’s italic version is almost even more beautiful, and the two (regular and italic) look really great together as well. Paired with Poppins Light or Poppins Light Italic, the contrast between these two fonts looks great on any creative website. 

Lora Italic and Nunito Sans Light

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 5

We use these two fonts on our own website, and love the balance these two give each other. Lora Italic is probably my personal favourite font and we’re currently designing a website with Lora Italic and Nunito Sans with it’s slightly rounded edges together and loving how it’s looking.  

Neuton and PT Sans 

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 6

Neuton demands attention and is an excellent choice as heading font. Paired with gentle PT Sans, which is a good choice for a body text font you’ve got yourself a very interesting high contrast combination that is modern and clean. 

Noto Serif and Noto Sans

The Best Free Google Fonts That We Love for Creatives in 2024 - Pairing 7

Noto Serif and Noto Sans are the purest of combinations, unmodulated meaning the strokes are all equal in thickness. The serif typeface is particularly soft without being overly formal. It’s a great choice for large size headings. They’re simple and classy and look great anywhere on your website.

How To Use Script Fonts And Our Favourite Free Ones

We wanted to spend a moment at the end to share some of the script fonts you might consider using if you’re really set on using some script fonts on your website.  

1. Meow Script

A little easier to read than others, this font is still dainty and curvy without being overly fussy. 

2. Caveat

Handwritten but not as “scripty” as the others, this one is more fun and casual and works well in secondary or tertiary spots on your website, small bits of text that entice or lead to the next section.

3. Licorice

Similar to Meow, this is one of the easier to read script fonts that still look very casual and fun.

4. Pinyon Script

Formal and calligraphy based, this is a very elegant font but with consistent lines and heights making it easy to read as well.

5. Oooh Baby

The most irregular and loose of all the scripts on this list, Oooh Baby is a great accent script font. Use it for small titles, like “ready to get started”, or “want to book a call?” followed by a clear, legible call to action button.. like this:


To end, we want to emphasize that you can create curiosity and creativity by playing around with different weights, italic styles against regular styles to create simple and subtle font pairings in the same font family. It’s easy to overdo it and use 5 or 6 fonts on your website but we really urge you not to because you’ll negatively impact the natural flow of information on your website. If you need some help with font choices, feel free to contact us! We’re always available to help fellow creatives create the brand of their dreams! 

Want to nominate another font for the list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll review it. We’re always on the hunt for new fonts and different styles and combinations! 

Hope this post was helpful in your marketing strategies. Any questions? Feel free to reach out!

Thanks for reading!

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