What is The SEO Framework?

Perfect for creatives that already have a website but need some SEO help and don’t want to start from scratch.

As artists, most of us can design a beautiful website. Our artwork speaks for itself and graphically, we’re really pleased. But, the organic traffic just isn’t there… Unless you directly send someone to your website, you’re not being found in search results. This is where the SEO Framework comes in.

We will start with a comprehensive site audit, ranking your site’s keywords, SEO score and usability. We will then take all this information and revamp your site and optimize it for keywords and SEO so that it’s working for you while you work on other things.

Not only will you leave with a site you absolutely love, but you’ll also gain the skills to manage it as your creative business evolves and expands.

Thinking SEO might be what’s missing on your site?

These are the types of things you struggle with

Is anyone noticing my work? It feels like I’m just sending things into the internet abyss and then, poof…


What are keywords? Where do I put them? How do I find them and place them on my site?


What is SEO? If all I have is artwork, how will my website get noticed? I want to bring natural traffic to my site, even while I’m working on other things.


The SEO Framework Includes:


  • A 1-hour onboarding call
  • Personalized questionnaire
  • Comprehensive Site Audit, including SEO Score, Organic Monthly Traffic, Organic Keywords, Backlinks, Full list of SEO Issues, Site Speed and Traffic Estimation.
  • SEO-rich content updates throughout your entire website.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization + Keyword List for future updates.
  • Analytics
  • Customized video tutorial of your website and how to operate, manage and edit.
  • Member’s only Facebook Group for SEO, Website Growth, Business Strategy and community sharing.

If you’ve been putting off optimizing your website, now’s the time to invest in yourself and your business. 

Ready to create website magic together?


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