Why Artists Who Blog Are Successful At Selling Art Online

Why Artists Who Blog Are Successful At Selling Art Online

Believe it or not, one of the most effective strategies for artists to thrive in the online art market is through blogging. We’re not saying you need to be a blogger. But artists who regularly maintain their own website and consistently produce new content in the form of blog posts are uniquely positioned to succeed in selling art online. Historically we understood blogs to be a journal or diary online, but now blogs are an essential part of a your marketing strategy. Every website needs one.


Why Are Artists Who Blog Successful At Selling Art Online?

Writing long form content in the form of a blog post not only enhances their online presence and website density but also creates an emotional connection with potential buyers. This makes their art business more profitable. They write more useful content, informative content and create an opportunity for potential customers to find your work through consideration content. By answering questions and solving problems users are searching for on google, your art page will come up in search results more often.

The First Step: Building an Online Presence Through Your Own Website

Probably not surprising but let’s start at the very beginning and then skip over to blog posts quickly. For artists aiming to grow a successful online art business, the first step is to create their own website. An artist’s website serves as a digital portfolio if you will, showcasing original work, including art prints and limited editions. Having an official website with a personal blog helps artists create a space where they can control their narrative and present their art in the best light.

And don’t skip on the domain name! A professional domain name is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO). It ensures that your website appears in relevant search results. This organic visibility is one of the most important things for driving traffic to an artist’s blog and, ultimately getting those sales!

Ok, now back to the blog. 

Next Step: Engaging Art Collectors Through Blog Posts

Consistent (not necessarily very frequent) blogging is a fantastic way to engage with a wider audience. Artist blogs provide a platform to share the creative process, behind-the-scenes stories, and insights into you art niche. And as we mentioned before, they’re opportunities to solve problems that users are searching for. This is really important to remember! This usefulness and transparency fosters an emotional connection with potential buyers, who feel more invested in the artist’s journey and work. 

As such, blog posts can cover various topics such as solution based tutorials, decor tips, styling types and how-to content. They can also help someone get to know you. The inspiration behind a particular piece, the techniques used, and even the challenges faced along the way are all great blog post ideas. These narratives not only humanize the artist but also serve as compelling content that keeps readers coming back for more. If they see your website as a valuable resource to follow along, they’ll join your newsletter. Then you have direct inbox access to a community of fans that might ultimately purchase your art one day.

It’s that sequence that you need to nurture and that leads to a long-term, sustainable business. 

why artists who blog are successful at selling art online

Long Run Strategies: Leveraging Blog Posts On Various Online Platforms and Marketplaces 

While owning a website is crucial, artists can also benefit from utilizing online platforms like Saatchi Art and Fine Art America. These platforms provide additional exposure and can drive traffic back to the artist’s own site. Cross-promoting blog posts and artworks on these online galleries can attract potential buyers who visit these popular marketplaces.

Independent artists like ourselves can also list our works on ecommerce sites and online marketplaces, ensuring they are present where art buyers are shopping. However, it’s that really personal touch of an artist’s blog that often differentiates them from the competition. You can provide a unique value proposition that pure marketplace listings lack. It’s where you can really express your personality, brand and build trust. 

How To Extend The Life Span Of Your Blog Posts

So if you’re going to spend the time to write, you want to make sure that that blog post continues to bring traffic to your website for years to come, right? That’s where the power of the blog post comes into play! Writing blog posts that are ‘evergreen’ and sharing them on platforms such as Pinterest help those posts get traction and bring traffic to your site long into the future. Pinterest is a website-linking platform. This means they want their visitors to click on pins and go to the website linking that pin. If you write your blog posts correctly and share them using the right keywords, you’ll get traffic to those blog posts continuously. 

Social media platforms are invaluable for promoting blog content and reaching potential clients. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest allow artists to share visuals and stories, driving traffic back to your personal blog. These platforms help artists build a community around their work. They engage with followers and attract potential customers who might be interested in purchasing art.

And What Do I Do With All This Blog Post Traffic?

Once you start seeing blog post traffic coming in, you need to make sure that your blog posts are written to keep that visitors on your site longer. Ideally converting them into a email subscriber and funneling that traffic to the right place – where you can make a sale! 

And yes, there is an ideal way to compose a blog post so that you have all of these components in each single blog post. Here is our little informational graphic or guide to how to structure your blog posts to do just that: 

Different Ways To Leverage Your Traffic From Your Blog:

1. Provide links of relevant and best selling products or services within the blog post. For example, if you’re writing on trending wall art for next year, you can include a descriptive anchor text internal link that reads, “Here are our bestselling art print collections to get you on your way for next year!” Then link to a product or collection page. 

2. Provide an opt-in form to join your newsletter. If you’re using a lead magnet (freebie in exchange for an email), make sure that freebie relates to the blog post. Create something that that reader will find irresistible and want to download – a free print, hanging guide, framing guide… 

3. Towards the bottom of the blog post, provide some related reads and links to encourage your visitor to stay on your website and consume some more content that is related to the thing that brought them there in the first place. You can see how I do that on my website here. 

4. Building an email list is another critical component of a successful online art business and your blog is a great place to do that. By collecting email addresses through the blog and website, you can maintain direct communication with your audience. Regular email newsletters can update subscribers on new content, upcoming exhibitions, and special offers, keeping the artist top-of-mind.

5. Encourage readers to comment on your blog post. This gives you the opportunity to respond and start a conversation with your readers. Those direct connections are what lead to the best relationships between clients, because they start from a desire to connect.  

The Importance of SEO and Online Marketing

Yes, back to everyone’s favourite acronym, SEO… kidding! Search engine optimization is critical for artists who want their blogs to be discovered by a larger audience. By using relevant keywords and optimizing their content, artists can improve their search engine rankings, making it easier for potential buyers to find their work online. A blog post grants you the ability to write on trending keywords and really target your content to the exact customer you want to bring in. 

A well-crafted marketing strategy that includes content marketing, social media promotion, and email campaigns can significantly boost online sales. Blogging is 100% part of that strategy. Writing posts, regularly with SEO in mind ensures that new content continually attracts traffic, keeping your website active and visible in search results.

For artists willing to invest the time and effort, maintaining a blog is not just a side note but a crucial component of their professional success. It provides a platform for storytelling, marketing, and sales, transforming their passion for art into a profitable business. With the right approach, blogging can help artists achieve their goal of becoming full-time artists, living off the proceeds of their creative work.

why artists who blog are successful at selling art online

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